Have a specialized genre – get out to those people

Lynda O’Connor of O’Connor Communications in Lake Forest, IL will be giving tips on book marketing to anyone who has written a book or who will be writing a book. Public relations is critical to selling your book. Before the book is on the bookstore shelf, the author has to push the book through all kinds of marketing channels. O’Connor’s PR firm has won three national awards for the best book promotion in the Untied States.

Book Promotion Tip from Lynda M. O’Connor of O’Connor Communications, inc:

The most effective way to promote a book is to identify the audiences most likely to be interested in your topic. Is it about war, sailing, football, politics, history, adventure or romance?  Does the action take place in a certain region of the country?  The key audience might be as broad as all men or all women, but can be segmented by marital status, special interest or age. Find out what magazines and newspapers your audience reads and what radio and TV stations they tune into to and contact the appropriate editors and producers.  Arrange presentations at clubs or organizations, which your audience attends, and do book signings at stores that sell products that target them.signing

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  1. I’m sorry and don’t want to be negative but if the information in this post actually gave any useful advice to someone that person is so oblivious to common sense that they are already doomed to failure. Obviously this is a blatant advertising post by someone. I’m not totally against these posts (I do want to be informed about new products, etc) but if you’re going to do it don’t make an a$$ of yourself by giving useless information.

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