Happiest of Holidays!

Not about book-selling, not about censorship, not about amazon or B&N, not about collecting, not about anything except a wish that everyone have a great time celebrating however and whatever one does this time of year. I’ve vastly enjoyed this past year writing about various subjects related to books, and the conversations, sometimes arguments, keep me as sharp as one can be at my advanced age. I am truly thankful for Bruce Hollingdrake allowing me to haunt his website. I am taking a holiday break–I’ll return after New Year’s all fresh and ready to finish up various projects; Mystery Writers Awards, Best Covers, Mystery Biblios, and the ever growing Best 100 Mysteries of All Time. So. have an extra helping of desert for me and see you next year!



2 thoughts on “Happiest of Holidays!”

  1. Thanks Diane, It has been a fun (and fast) year. I noticed that he knife in the picture still has a bit of blood on it. Perhaps there is yet a bit more use for it but be sure to remember to wipe it off BEFORE putting it in its scabbard. – At risk of being politically incorrect I’ll say it anyway. Merry Christmas everyone!
    – Paul – prying1 –

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