Dan Brown's book Lost Symbol due out Sept. 15th

From Shelf Awareness:

The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown’s long-anticipated follow-up to The Da Vinci Code, will be published September 15 by Knopf Doubleday. A first printing of five million copies is planned for the book. The New York Times noted that “fans and the publisher have been waiting a long time for Mr. Brown to finish the new book. It was originally scheduled for a 2005 delivery. The Lost Symbol will again feature Robert Langdon, the protagonist of The Da Vinci Code.

We’ve been waiting quite a long time for this book and I fear that with such high expectations combined with such a long wait (see: when is Dan Brown’s new book coming out? from Jan. 2008)  this book is a prime candidate for a let-down. I love the langdon series and am very much looking forward to it’s release. It’s hard to imagine how Langdon’s exploits can match the last two books without him turning into a Bondesque charicature. While Dan Brown may not have the prettiest prose he sure can deliver a story.


2 thoughts on “Dan Brown's book Lost Symbol due out Sept. 15th”

  1. “While Dan Brown may not have the prettiest prose he sure can deliver a story.”

    I will agree with that statement. Reading The Da Vinci Code I found I did not like Brown’s writing style but I did like the story. I expect to enjoy his new book too.

  2. The Da Vinci Code is a great story. It is obvious that Dan Brown is a thorough researcher and an academic. I’ve only read that book, The Lost Symbol and Deception Point. In my opinion The Lost Symbol is amazing. Amazing is even an understatement. Malakh is the most imaginaive and powerful character of all three books. I’m glad that it has not been made into a movie as I’m sure any actor would not do that character any justice nor any filmmaker do the story any justice. Fantastic. The Lost Symbol must be read!

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