Considering a website for your bookstore business?

newwebsiteWithout a doubt, having a good website would help you reach more potential customers for your bookstore business. Whether your business is new, small and just simply in need of additional sales, the internet is always a good option on promoting your company one step further. Now more than ever, most people can’t live without the internet anymore and this brings a very good reason why you should start creating a website for your business.

But before setting up a website, the first challenge is to choose the right web hosting provider to get your website up and running. For starting or just small companies, paying for a monthly fee for a web hosting service is not yet an option. But fortunately, there’s always a free web hosting company that you could resort to. Although, most of the free web hosting providers you’ll find are either providing unreliable service or simply puts your website at risk, sometimes some hosts even include hidden charges that would just surprise you by the end of the month. So it’s always best to choose and aim for the right host by going with a reliable and established provider already.

One of the best free web hosting companies right now is They have been around for years, and are not just some fly by night free web host. They provide great reliability and guarantee 99.9% uptime for your website. With their free web hosting plan, they offer free web tools which you could easily use for creating your website. They also provide your free account with a cPanel for free, which is mostly just offered on paid hosting. If you’re having problems with your site or just need some assistance in creating it, you can be assured that their technical support team is always glad to help you out.

So if you’re looking for a host that has no monthly fee, no set up fee and no annoying ads on your site, only reliable hosting, then Doteasy is the right free web hosting provider for you.

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