Template for a brochure

Brochure’s are quite easy to make, can hold a lot of information and I believe have more staying power than a flyer. Here are links to my brochure in Open Office format and in MS Word. Feel free to download it and just fill it up with your store’s information. The printing can either be … Read more

Did I lose money on that sale?

There are so many fees added up against the revenue brought in from eBay book sales that selling inexpensive stuff is really quite a chore for the dough, not much bang for the buck. The real problem is that the fees are only a little here and a little there so you sometimes don’t even … Read more

How much do you read about book selling?

It’s always been my understanding that to understand any business thoroughly you must not only participate in it but read anything and everything you can get your hands on. From close to our first day in business we signed up for BookThink’s free weekly newsletter. It’s been and continues to be a terrific source of … Read more