Template for a brochure

Brochure’s are quite easy to make, can hold a lot of information and I believe have more staying power than a flyer. Here are links to my brochure in Open Office format and in MS Word. Feel free to download it and just fill it up with your store’s information. The printing can either be done at a local print shop or if you have a laser printer why not do it yourself on a ‘as needed’ basis. Doing it yourself allows for easy alterations and typo corrections. Now the key to a stylish appearance lies in the paper you select. Print these on regular white paper and it will look like any other cheap flyer. We use Magna Carta parchment – Natural color (I think copper is OK as well) by Smart Papers (24lb) and it looks terrific, gives it an Old Book feel. This can be found at your local Staples of office supply shop.