Brandon Sanderson – A YA Writer To Watch

Are you looking to augment your sales by bringing in a younger crowd? Try highlighting a different young adult author each month.  If possible, find one with a great backlist but with a new book coming out that same month.  Design a few shelf talkers around the backlist and offer a giveaway entry to each person who purchases a title from the backlist.  These customers can go into a drawing for either 50% off the new title or, if you have one, a free copy of the ARC (giveaway could end a week before release date).

This month’s author is Brandon Sanderson.  Sanderson writes Science/Fiction Fantasy series and standalone novels for a variety of ages.  He was recently selected to complete the Wheel of Time series, originally authored by Robert Jordan. Brandon Sanderson’s newest novel, The Way of Kings, The Stormlight Archive Book 1, will be released August 31, 2010. This is said to be the first novel in a ten novel series.

The Way of Kings: The Stormlight Archive (August 31, 2010)

Kaladin, the Stormblessed, grew up torn between wanting to be a surgeon and wanting to be a soldier.  Apprenticed under his father, Lirin, he quickly learned that there is more than one way to save a life.  But, he loved the feeling he received when holding the quarterstaff.  It was like being in a different place.  How can his knowledge of how to heal as well as how to hurt serve him as a slave in Bridge Four?

Dalinar Kholin is full of regret.  Regret for the curse that wiped memories of his wife from his mind and regret for the drink that left him unable to protect his brother, King Gavilar, who was brought down by the Assassin in White.  Now, he spends his time trying to protect the new king, his nephew, King Elhokar, while living by the War Codes he once mocked.  If he’d been living by the Codes back then could he have saved Gavilar?  All he can do now is fulfill the Vengeance Pact, hunting and killing the Parshendi who ordered his brother’s death, and try to understand these mysterious visions he has every time a highstorm wages.

Shallan Davar is in trouble.  Her father has been killed and the family is running out of money.  Shallan has to find Jasnah Kholin, a Veristatilian, get her to take her in as ward, and steal Jasnah’s Soulcaster so that her family can re-create their wealth before any creditors realize her father’s dead.  But Brightlady Jasnah doesn’t think Shallan is smart enough.  How fast can Shallan get the knowledge needed to satisfy the queen?  She has no choice but to do whatever it takes to prevent the complete ruin of The House of Davar.

The Way of Kings will bring the land of Roshar alive for readers.  From the mountains of Kharbranth to the battles on the Shattered Plains, from the Highprince Sadeas to Szeth the Truthless, we are immersed in a new, fully realized world.  This world comes complete with its on history, philosophy, and religious texts mentioned and quoted throughout the book.  Each piece of the puzzle starts to fit together as we try to unravel the mystery that is The Way of Kings.

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