Author Profile: Mary Janice Davidson

Ordinarily I would be reviewing a single title, but New York Times best selling author, Mary Janice Davidson, is a writer of so many incredible books I felt she deserved a plug for all of them. Although she is most famous for her Undead series, she actually has several adult series as well as a young adult saga. Add that to the countless anthologies and e-books she has contributed to and it is no wonder she is a highly sought after author. I will try and briefly touch on as many as possible.

The Undead novels are a hilarious romp through the insane life of Betsy Taylor. Her life is already falling apart when she is hit by a truck and rises as the Queen of the Vampires. Each of the nine novels takes her through the trials and tribulations of vampire politics, deaths, marriages, births and even the occasional werewolf issue. She tries desperately to hang onto her humanity through it all.

Her Mermaid series brings us Fred. Forget all the stereotypes about mermaids, Fred is far from typical. Full of wit, mystery and sarcasm as well as an odd love triangle this trilogy is well worth the read.

The Wyndham Werewolves are mostly done in short stories with two exceptions, Derik’s Bane and the crossovers into the world of Betsy Taylor. I enjoy her unique and refreshing take on werewolf life. The women are far from passive and the men are incredibly steamy. Some of these stories get quite graphic and violent. Somehow MJ manages to keep her wacky sense of humor laced through them irregardless. The Gorgeous books are each about a different woman, but both are regular girls who unwillingly become tangled in the world of crime fighting. They are full of haphazard antics and action.

The Royal’s are just what you expect in a traditional romance book series. Each one is about a member of royalty falling in love with commoner, there’s a chef, a marine biologist and a bodyguard. They’re loaded with MJ’s signature sarcasm.

The young adult saga of Jennifer Scales, weredragon, is written with her husband, Anthony Alongi. As if puberty isn’t crazy enough, let’s throw in some scales and claws. Jennifer goes through some pretty dramatic scenarios but there is enough of that wacky humor to keep teens coming back for more.

The anthologies and e-books are too numerous to go over them all, but recommend the site, to your patrons for a full booklist in reading order.

I will touch on my favorite anthology, Mysteria. Mysteria is a strange magical town created by Ms. Davidson as well as P.C. Cast, Gena Showalter and Susan Grant. It is actually two parts, Mysteria and Mysteria Lane, each of which contain four stories. All eight stories are linked by the town and several of the characters flow back and forth between the tales. I guarantee plenty of romance, magic and insane characters with this set.

Mary Janice Davidson is this reviewer’s pick for most popular author to keep stocked on your bookstore shelves. When recommending her remember, with the exception of Jennifer Scales, these books are full of graphic, steamy romance and every one of her stories is a funny, light hearted rollercoaster of action and emotion. Remember to keep her books properly displayed upright and spine out or one of her family members might show up and start fixing them. As hilarious as that is, trust me, they do it. With that in mind check out her booklist to make sure you have as many of her novels on hand as possible. You’ll need them.