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Finding bookshop tips or suggestions on how to run your business more effectively can be like looking for a needle in a hay stack.

Even within this site it can sometimes be a challenge finding the better material. Not that it’s not all great stuff but you might already have your bookshelves in place and not need to read about finding cheap shelving. I know this site better than anyone and I still get surprised when I stumble upon an article from a couple years ago that is very useful but a little buried. We did put together a Table of Contents but even that doesn’t distill the best articles out of the mix. I’ll try and do that here.

So you are looking for bookshop tips. Where should we start. Let’s presume you are at the beginning of the adventure and are still scouting out a location. We’ll start our bookshop tips with a post on the importance of a great location then move on from there.

– Importance of Location selection for a bookshop

– Selecting Cheap Shelving

Some Experiences selling books Online

– 2 Book Inventory Options, Basil Bookstore Software or The Art of Books

Pricing a Book for Online Sales

– Having your book descriptions stand out from the crowd

Where should I sell my books online?

– What about choosing Book Mailers?

Marketing Ideas for my Bookshop & Marketing at Fan Conventions

Other Services you can offer

Some questions to ask after you’ve bought a Bookstore

And finally, if you’re looking for yet another way to get the word out about your great shop and you happen to enjoy writing about your experiences then why not consider writing here at The Bookshop Blog, you’ll even make a few coins for your effort.

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  1. I stumbled across a plugin recently that posts my old articles onto my Twitter account. I am sure there must be a plugin that can display a widget on your sidebar with old articles.

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