Bookshop For Sale by Owner, Woodstock NY

Dear Fellow Independent Booksellers:

After 32 years in business, The Golden Notebook, located in Woodstock, New York, is looking for a new owner. This step is being taken because the illness of one of its owners makes it impossible to provide the hours and service that the community has come to expect and deserve.

The Golden Notebook is housed in a building it owns right in the center of the Town of Woodstock. It consists of a general bookstore with approximately 750 square feet of selling space and an upstairs stock room and office. Right next door is our children’s bookstore in a rental space with approximately 600 square feet of selling space and access to a basement for storage. Both stores have garnered a well-deserved reputation and have many established customers. Our goal is to find a buyer who will continue to maintain it as an independent bookstore.

Please direct inquiries to


Ellen Shapiro, co-owner

2 thoughts on “Bookshop For Sale by Owner, Woodstock NY”

  1. I am a Woodstock resident and a huge fan of the Golden Notebook. It is a beloved institution in the center of town… a town with a lot of readers and a lot of weekend tourists. Please help us find an independent bookstore to carry on the Golden Notebook’s legacy.

  2. Everyone should know that this story has a happy ending. The Golden Notebook was sold to a Woodstock couple and was reopened under the same name (though without the children’s annex next door) after a very short closure. I bought my copies of “Bob Dylan and America” by Sean Wilentz and “Life” by Keith Richards during their first two weekends of operation.
    Despite the sales at the big boys, I’ll never buy a discounted book from Amazon, B&N, or Borders.

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