Best of May at The Bookshop Blog

A little recap of some of our posts from the previous month.

We invited some new writers to join us and were quite pleased with the response. One was Kim Allen-Neison of Bookstore People. Her idea of reading adventure books with the kids was terrific.

Some of our regulars added terrific pieces as well, from Nora sharing some brilliant cover art from the 70s to Shane giving us his opinion on choosing your opening hours (which I completely agree with). Tom Nealon gave us his view on the growing trend in Vampire fiction.

And finally a beautiful poem by John Pollard on Why I Have a Book Store.

Hope you enjoy these.

2 thoughts on “Best of May at The Bookshop Blog”

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    Twilight Saga is one of my favorites.
    I love collecting Gothic type of books.
    Thanks for this post
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