Another Piece of Quick Info–Bloggers Vote For Best Books

I am obviously out of touch–because I don’t understand what the first category is, nor the last. Speculative fiction? Feel free to explain, anyone.
Again from the wonderful shelfawareness site

2 thoughts on “Another Piece of Quick Info–Bloggers Vote For Best Books”

  1. I believe the first category is “Gay/Lesbian/Bi-sexual/Transexual/…” the “Q” possibly being “Queer”, though I would swear to that. The last category I would guess is something in the Fantasy/Horror realm.

    • Last I looked, Speculative Fiction was an umbrella for science fiction, horror, fantasy and some paranormal. It has the same letters as Science Fiction so it you could keep your same signs if you had labeled the section SF. It was part of the whole Ick-only-outsiders-call-it Sci-Fi/what do we call it anyway debate which has been simmering away on a back burner at various science fiction type watering holes for three or four decades.

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