What to do with the Little Blue Books

Here is a question from on of our readers, Alan Shrewsbury. If anybody can help him out I’d appreciate it, he may have quite the valuable stash. I can pass along his email to any interested book dealers just contact me at editor@bookshopblog.com




My brother recently gave me boxes of these booklets, which our aunt gave
him several years ago.  They have been stored in the house, within plastic
bags.  There are approximately 1710 booklets in the collection, along with
an old binder where it appears someone tabulated the booklet #’s of the
booklets in the collection.  We are wondering what to do with them, and what
their value may be.  Could you help us with this?

Thank you,


Here is a piece we did on Little Blue Books

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  1. Hi Allan, I take it you are interested in selling the Little Blue Books. If not sell at least get an idea what they are worth.

    A good resource is this earlier post. The website, http://www.haldeman-julius.org/ has lots of info available. Bookfinder.com will show you some of the prices booksellers are ASKING (not necessarily selling) for the books individually and for collections of the books. Try a search using – Haldeman-Julius – on the author line. Remember the prices they show includes shipping so that has to be taken into consideration. Don’t expect the top dollar prices. eBay has a recent batch of 45 that sold for $19.99 and another 40 books that sold for $23.33 but they may have been picked through.

    Naturally some titles are more valuable than others. You might want to run through some of the more catchy titles/authors on Bookfinder.com to see if some you have are demanding more money.

    eBay and Craig’s list are two ways to list them inexpensively either individually, in groups or you may try figuring out your asking price and try it all in one shot.

    If you don’t want the work involved you could donate them to a local charity or perhaps seek a local used book store that might want to purchase them at less than resale value of course… They will have work to do in selling them. Having the lists is a good selling point if the lists are accurate, which I imagine they are.

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