1 thought on “The Strand in New York – 80 years and going strong”

  1. Nice little video. Congrats and thanks to the Strand and the Bass family for upholding tradition in such an outstanding way.


    With today’s technology a commercial like this is virtually within reach of every B&M bookstore. A hand held video cam, bit of script, an editing program (free ones are available online) and a free YouTube account.

    What more can one ask for?

    With the cost of ‘film’ cut out of the picture due to digital recording as many retakes as needed are possible. So the only real cost will be the time needed to get it right.

    For those who are computer illiterate or not confident in their abilities I’m sure you could find a geeky friend that would love to have a ‘project’. Many people have the equipment and nothing substantial to do with it. Same goes for writing a script. If you can’t write you can ask your favorite customers that do write if they would do it. If one is uncomfortable asking for a friend’s services for free then one can offer an exchange of talent and labor for a few books.

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