Supplementing your stock with some remainders.

Do you add a few remaindered books to your inventory? Remaindered books are simply publisher’s overstock or book returns. They are often purchased by third party wholesalers who then turn around and sell them to stores like mine (and maybe yours). If you have a general trade store selling a few remaindered books can help add a little variety especially if books of a certain subject are harder to find in your area. The only sign that a book has been remaindered is that they often have a black ink mark across one of the edges, though Fairmount Books often acquire unmarked remainders. The ordering process is easy and you can browse for titles that you find interesting. As for reviews, we have used Fairmount Books and Book Depot. Fairmount’s books tend to be in better condition with less books having edge marks or light corner dings but Book Depot seems to have a better selection. Both were easy to work with, smooth ordering systems and good delivery standards. As is the norm with remainder sellers you are required to buy a couple hundred dollars worth per order. Feel free to comment on the others or add suggestions.

1 thought on “Supplementing your stock with some remainders.”

  1. Well your idea is definitely better than throwing away the remaindered books in stock, books should never be dump, too much great knowledge to be found in them.

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