Should I Start a Podcast?

From The Future of Ink

As an online entrepreneur, you have a tremendous opportunity to leverage this platform to get your content, your brand and your marketing message out to a wider audience.

 There are four primary reasons podcasting is making such a huge resurgence, but before I get to those, let’s take a quick look at how podcasting stands up to a couple of the largest tried and true platforms.

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First let’s examine blogging. By some estimates, there are 450 million English language blogs, with a new one being started somewhere in the world every half second…so no matter what your niche is in the blogging space, it’s already saturated with hundreds and maybe even thousands of other bloggers writing about the same topic.

Maybe you have thought about putting videos on YouTube to attract leads. But consider this: a whopping 4 million hours of new video content a month is going on YouTube!

 In contrast, there are only around 225,000 active podcasts…and, many of them have not been updated in months, many have poor quality content and for many of them, the audio is subpar. So in reality there is even less competition.

 But, there is also a mistaken impression floating around out there that you can launch a podcast, get tens of thousands of downloads nearly overnight and make gobs of money from sponsors and selling your products. That is patently false.

1) Rise of the Smartppodcasthone

There are now over 1 billion smartphones in use and if you’re like me, you take this little device everywhere you go.

So as a podcaster, you can go with your audience…on a flight across the country, on a road trip, to the gym, while they are folding clothes or doing the laundry, while going out for a walk, and yes,  you can even get into the shower with your listeners via waterproof speakers!

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