Slatwall a nice solution for displaying beautiful oversized books


Have you considered adding a couple sections of slatwall display in your shop. You know what I mean the rows of slats where you can hang shelves at varying heights. We wrote yesterday about a few things that you can do to catch a buyers attention; things like shelf talkers, good signage and smart ways to display books (facing out). There are so many jaw dropping images that grace book covers that many buyers never get to see.

The books are all stuck in the shelves with only the titles displaying. With a section of slatwall you can create a nice fluid mix of normal height shelves alongside heights that can accommodate those picturesque coffee table books. Those stunning images need to be seen. You’ll finally be able to start selling those giant books that have been gathering dust nestled in the bottom row. Slatwall has a few advantages other than just the height of the shelves, they can be a cheap shelving solution, can look quite nice and also provide an area to sell some non-book items. There are a whole slew of add ons that can be inserted into a slatwall system, making it quite easy to display everything from artwork to antiques.

slatwall shelvingDon’t think that slatwall just comes in that institutional grey that you may have seen at a sporting goods dealer. It also comes in stunning veneers. Oak, beech, cherry and in just about any shade that you can imagine. You can retain the aesthetics or a refined shop while adding the convenience of a floating shelf system. Easy to clean, easy to install and easy on the wallet, it could satisfy that one corner of your shop that needs some prettying up. Keep in mind that I suggest using slatwall for displaying a few of your really beautiful books, ones that might not sell if they were not presented face out but remember that you might not want to use these shelves as a typical bookcase as the weight could bring the whole thing down.

A smaller slatwall display might be just the thing for your window display as well. The sizing that is just right for your window should not be hard to find and since it is so versatile it should be the perfect window shelving solution.

Whether it’s artwork, greeting cards, maybe some candy for the kids, or the odd shaped books that just don’t seem to fit anywhere else – consider these versatile, beautiful and inexpensive slatwall shelves. You’ll be surprised that you hadn’t tried it sooner.