Quick tip: Supporting literacy every day

Encouraging literacy should be part of your long term business plan for your bookstore, as I argued in an earlier post.  You create your future market by investing in the next generation of readers.

But, even if you have the best intensions, you only have so much time each day and your grand plans often get pushed to the side.  So here’s a quick tip on how to do a little every day.  Switch the home page on your browser to The Literacy Site. It’s a simple concept.   You click the donate button once a day it takes you to a screen full of ads.  The money the advertisers pay per impression is then routed to a charity.

By resetting your home page, everytime you open your browser you’ll see the button urging you to take 3 seconds to click the button and donate a little to literacy.  If you want to keep your current page, you can set you home page to open multiple tabs on opening. You’ll probably use the computer at least once a day, so every day you’ll do a little.

How to reset your home page…


  1. 1. Go to The Literacy Site.
  2. 2. At the top of your browser,  click on Tools-> Options
  3. 3. Select the Main tab and then use the button that says “Use Current page”. If you have multiple tabs open, it’llsay “use current PageS” and will automatically open them all.
  4. 4. Hit OK.


  1. 1. Go to The Literacy Site.
  2. 2. At the top of your browser, click on Tools-> Internet Options
  3. 3. Select the General  tab and then use the button that says “Use Current”.
  4. 4. Hit OK.

You can also run ads on The Literacy Site. Clearly the people stopping by care about reading, so may be a good match for some bookstores.