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[editor’s note] Paul Young has been a friend to The bookshop Blog from just about our start. We appreciate his constant input and would love if you went for a little visit to his online shop. Here is a little profile…

I’d been selling books (Amongst other items) on eBay for quite a few years
when the opportunity came to purchase a large collection of books from the
estate of printer, poet and Wagon and Star publisher Dion O’Donnol.

As his friends predeceased him he inherited a few personal libraries from
them so it is quite an eclectic collection.

I’m convinced that Dion would want his books to go to those who have a love
of books and I’ve found the internet to be a good way to find customers that
do want a particular volume or genre.

So far I’ve set up online sales through Alibris, Abe and my own website, I don’t plan on having a brick and mortar shop. Just
online sales.

As time permits (at this point I still have a full time job as a
letterpress printer) I’ll be listing books in a haphazard fashion as far as
subject matter goes. I’ve found in the collection, fiction, non-fiction,
poetry (many lost, vanity press poets), history, biographies, travel,
Eastern religion, Oriental philosophy, archeology, sociology, romance,
collectibles, run of the mill, rare and scarce books and even a couple early
edition French cookbooks by Urbain Dubois.

Because the books are so diverse I find I cannot specialize on a particular
genre and have become a ‘Jack-of-all-trades’ so to speak. Need I add,
‘Master of none’.

I enjoy making friends with other booksellers and I find this website,, to be an invaluable meeting place. Quite an eclectic
collection of sellers and chock full of info they are willing to share. Lord
knows I need and appreciate it. Thanks for setting this up Bruce!

Prying 1 Books

Prying 1 Books
Prying 1 Books

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  1. Thanks for the opportunity to ‘advertise’ Bruce. I appreciate it and hope to get to know other booksellers as you post their submissions. – This is another one of your brilliant ideas which makes this site unique and the best.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for your time you graciously spend on us.

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