Jekkle University Textbooks

Education is the fundamental building block that shapes the path that your life will take.

Whether studying for business or law, engineering or physics, every student knows that come that new semester, it’s time to clock out of the social arena, and recluse back into the pages of instruction for yet another term. Books can be expensive, and for students paying out of pocket, they become even more of a burden knowing that they will only be useful for one term. Jekkle University Textbooks  offers a solution to this dilemma, by providing a unique service that is a one size fits all, catering to every students need, and freeing up some time for more enticing activities.

How we can help

So it’s a new semester, and you have received your new schedule, along with your required course materials. Now you know what textbook you’ll be needing, but you don’t want to buy a $100+ textbook that’s going to sit under a desk for the next couple years once the course is over, so what do you do? Jekkle University Textbooks lets you rent a textbook, usually around half the new listing price, and allows you two weeks after the final exam to return it. The only way this won’t happen is if the book is returned in worse shape than you received it. This is not likely, especially since all the wild parties are over. On the flip side, being held to such a high standard ensures that the material you receive will be equally well conditioned, and that’s important, because studying the material is strenuous enough. For those of you who like to keep a book around for reference, or obsession, purchasing your textbooks is always an option as well.

Of course for some textbooks that require access codes to retrieve additional information and resources, assurance that these codes will be available is not always a give in. However, for an additional charge, you can purchase these access codes separately. If you do happen to find a textbook you need, be prepared sometimes to face having a single option of purchasing the book, as some texts are not available for rent.

Additional Benefits

Jekkle University Textbooks does offer free shipping and a generous fourteen day full refund policy for any materials rented or purchased. Also worth noting, Jekkle offers eTextbooks and also second hand textbooks in Australia available for purchase or rent, that can be accessed immediately, printed, used in offline and online mode, and as a bonus for going green, typically offers up to a 35% price cut, on top of already discounted pricing. It gets better, let’s say you had an emergency and had to miss a week of school, or called off sick, Jekkle University Textbooks will let you dive straight into the chapter you need, without purchasing the entire text.