If you want to be considered a professional, act like one.

One of the nice things about having contributors to the blog is that I also get a few extra sets of eyeballs surfing for great content. Tom Nealon of Pazzo books and The Bookshop Blog brought this great posting to my attention.

It is by Ian J. Kahn of Lux Mentis Lux Orbis.

This has led me to think about professional courtesies, generally, and what has been happening to them specifically. Changes in the business, particularly the flood of new “dealers” with little or no background in the profession, seems to have resulted in an erosion of some of the niceties of the profession, as perhaps has the growth of web business. The following are the niceties that are front of brain for me…please post or email me with any that I have overlooked:

Here’s the full posting.