How to package a book for shipping

Books are shipped to many places across the globe. Have you ever wondered how they are packed to keep them tamper-proof until they reach the destinations, what are the costs involved etc? There are several methods of book packaging. Some of them may be more cost effective than others. But when they are cost effective they should also guaranty that no damages will be caused to the books during the shipping process.

Books have to be packed very carefully because they are often vulnerable in two areas, the hinges and the corners. Other parts are less vulnerable to damages caused by shipping procedures. So while packing you have to take care of these two parts and ensure that they remain like new when the parcel is opened. The best method of packing books for shipping which is very cheap as well is by using cardboard packaging. The cardboard has a special grade to identify it. When this method is used there will be zero damages on the books and you can find them in the same condition as they were when packed.
The following are the materials required for the packing: b-flute, packaging tape, tape dispenser, heavy duty stapler, staples, spring clamp, box cutter or scissors and several sizes of zip-loc bags. Here is the procedure to pack the books: Since you need to protect your books from getting wet you can use the zip-loc bag to protect them. Use a bag of appropriate size and slip your books inside it. You can use two bags if the shipping is international. Now use the cardboard for covering the books.
Keep the books inside the cardboard and fold it over the books twice. This will ensure double protection to the hinges and the corners. When it is done cut a little extra along the width. Using the tape stick it across the length of the package where you cut it. The folding of the cardboard should be tight to ensure that the hinges are secured properly.  Now you can find two open ends of the package along the length of the books. With the help of the heavy duty stapler, staple both the ends. Each side can have more than two or three staples according to the width of the book. Remember to staple each pin at an angle of 45 degrees and close to the books. When this is done your packaging is complete. Now you have to stick the label on the front side of the pack with the correct address and continue for other procedures of shipping.