The Comfort That I Found Within Literature

Have you searched the aisles of every bookstore for that perfect novel, only to finally find it after so long? The feeling of elation once you begin to read it and the feeling of excitement from every page turn? Chances are, you have a book in mind when I say that. Is it your favorite novel or a top 10 read? We all have that one book we will never be able to forget despite how many books we have read since then. It may even fill us with feelings of comfort & safety. If I’m being perfectly honest, I hadn’t read many books until I found this novel.

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In my eyes, it is an extraordinary story with memorable characters, amazing settings that you can truly visualize, and so much more. It was written by Charlotte McConaghy and became an instant bestseller; I can see why. This post is going to be discussing how books can make people feel and why they are important to me personally. Perhaps you can relate. If you do, feel free to leave a comment telling us what your favorite book is!

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What Exactly Makes a Book Good?

At least from how I see the situation, what defines a great book is overall a subjective matter. How does the book make you feel? Does it evoke emotions within you? Every aspect of a novel can be exactly what you wanted from it or even exceed your expectations! The characters in the stories may be relatable and resonate with you or you just find them amusing or memorable.

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Whatever your reason is for enjoying a piece is completely unique to you, and I think that is beautiful! In addition, we all have different opinions and diverse interests. This truly allows everyone to find a book that feels as if it were made for them. I didn’t have many expectations for reading my comfort novel, but I now know that any expectation I could’ve made would have been blown out of the water!

My Personal Adventure

A Small Summary of My Favorite Book

Migrations, Charlotte McConaghy
Migrations by Charlotte McConaghy

Allow me to give you a bit of background from this story. This novel surrounds an Irish woman named Franny Stone. Her passion in life is to witness the final migration of the last Arctic terns on earth. Most animals have died off, and this is potentially her only chance to see them.

She approaches a fishing boat about taking her to the Arctic, and they agree. Much is discovered about her on the journey north, and her past is revealed. This story is full of adventure, love, and mystery as Franny makes her way to the Arctic from Greenland. If you would like to read it for yourself, you can check it out here!

Why is This Story Important to Me?

Now, why is this book important to me? Allow me to get candid with you for a moment. When I first found this book, I was in a bad headspace. Depression was taking its toll, and I was constantly anxious. In addition to that, I have always felt alienated from other individuals. For this reason, I have turned to objects & animals to keep me company, rather than people. I dive head-first into books, finding solace and enjoyment in literature. This book was published in 2020, and as we all know, that year had a negative impact on all of us, myself being no different. This book helped me deal with all the emotions that were racing through my mind during that moment in my life.

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I don’t like this book just because of the storyline itself but because it was there for me to seek comfort in during a time when we were all very uncertain and uncomfortable with the state of the world. It would be an escape from a scary time, cloaking me within its beautiful words. I understand that what I have said is pretty intense for a book, but it is the truth. This story came out right when we needed it the most, and it really helped me deal with my personal issues. I hope you have found a novel that makes you feel the same way.

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It is evident that creative works can have an influence on us. They may reach out and speak to us through the words that are written and allow us to feel emotions that we have never experienced prior. Have you ever found comfort within a novel or story? Perhaps in a few years, I will be discussing a new story that has influenced my life. Stay tuned for that, and let us know what you think in the comments below! Thank you for reading! ♡