Cardboard Boxes Packaging

Cardboard Boxes Packaging, there are two main situations when considering using ready made boxes, like the ones you pick up at the supermarket, or custom packaging. If you sell a buch of smaller items on eBay or Amazon, not neccesarily books but any small item and are considering cardboard boxes packaging then you may want to pay attention.

I use a method for creating my own boxes that works really well. I’ve mailed out thousands upon thousands of books that have been custom packaged using rolls of b-flute cardboard. These boxes are super easy to put together, cost about the same as bubble mailers but offer much more protection because the items you wrap do not move inside the packaging. When a book or other breakable item moves inside the box, that’s when you have problems. With the b-flute, when you staple the sides it pinches the items in place and keeps it secure. No movement means no bumped corners.

Items needed for cardboard boxes packaging include:

  • roll of packing tape
  • roll of b-flute cardboard
  • clamp
  • heavy gauge stapler and staples
  • cutting board (for the labels) & scissors

Each package is custom made, weighs next to nothing and is totally waterproof if you simply wrap the item in some cling-wrap before wrapping it in the box. We get into details on this site on exactly how to make these custom book mailers (with photos) on some other pages. Don’t forget, just about any small item can be mailed out this way. If you sell a lot on ebay you can get a good price on two hundred and fifty foot rolls of b-flute (c-flute will also work) and the overall cost is quite low. I’ve received a lot of books that were thrown inside a bubble wrap envelope and arrived with banged corners. I’ll never buy from those sellers again. The one criticism we sometimes here with cardboard boxes packaging is the appearance, it doesn’t look too elegant. I’ll tell you one thing, I’d much prefer having my item show up in one piece in a so-so looking package than have it show up banged or dented inside a lovely box.