A Bookstore Profile, Dicho's in Plano Texas

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If you happen to be near Plano Texas pop over to Dicho’s and tell them you saw them on The Bookshop Blog!


Our store is unique as we not only carry books we have also incorporated all the things we love such as accent pieces for the home, some furniture pieces and garden pieces as well as gifty items.
Our store has a warm inviting feel. The background music is Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Bossa Nova & on occasion pop hits from the 70’s which we also sell.
We launched our online store 3 years ago and find it to be quite a challenge. We do have customers that visit our site and purchase every now and then,  but like our store we’re constantly getting bumped over for the deep discounters out there. It’s impossible to compete with the Amazon.com’s and or Wal-Mart so our only way to try and do this is to offer our customers Free shipping, Any Book, Anytime, Anywhere in the world. We pride ourselves in giving our customers exceptional service and can only hope they will return. We’re not for everyone and we know this some people love the feel of the big box stores for me personally I find  they are quite sterile and very cookie cutter and impersonal and most of them are filled with bargain books.
We are currently revisiting our selection because of  the Kendal & Nook – We will focus our energies on childrens, young readers etc and slowly transition into a full on childrens bookstore. One can’t help but feel the need to constantly  reinvent yourself to survive anymore. More and more you find that the world is becoming more reclusive not realizing the impact it is having on their community. Before you know it the only choice we’ll have is Wal-Mart! Yes, we are a small independent bookseller and we select each title with care. We share our thoughts on books, authors etc. Its impossible for us to carry every book and we let our customers know that any author or title that isn’t on the shelf we are more than happy to ship to their door and we do not charge for shipping! Times are hard but we’re hanging in there. I hope I’ve given you some insight as to who we are at Dicho’s Books & More.

Gilbert Burrola
Dicho’s Books & More
The Shops at Willow Bend
6121 West Park Boulevard -Upper Level
Suite D208
Plano, TX 75093

2 thoughts on “A Bookstore Profile, Dicho's in Plano Texas”

  1. I feel for you! I’ve been in the book business for 14 years now and the truest statement you made is that you have to continually re-invent yourself to stay relevent in an ever changing market.

    It’s definitely a challege to be one of the little independent booksellers – but if we stay positive, be unique and look for our niche market I think we can survive and thrive!

  2. I used to own a small bookstore back in New York City. I found it nearly impossible to compete with 2 large corporate stores within 5 blocks. I never stop reading about the industry however and wish you all the best of luck!

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