10 Worst Book Covers In The History Of Literature

A recent article online proclaimed the 10 Worst Book Covers In the History of Literature. Ok, they certainly found some winners–She’s My Sister Sub title, Having a Retarded Sister. The title alone sounds a bit icky, but if you take a gander at the cover, your gag reflex comes into play. The drawing of her sister isn’t complimentary, in the least. And she’s pulling her ribbon. The rest of the covers are pretty hilarious, from Tazan eyeing his ape a little too enjoyably, to Mozart getting a little too close to a young boy student, to the creepiest title ever–The Best Dad is a Good Lover.

Ok, they are all rather bad. But I think I can match them, and maybe do better. Let’s see, shall we?

1. The Turtle Dove’s Nest.


This is a children’s book, believe it or not. What the story is, I’ve don’t know, but if it involves a man with a turtle dove head, I think I will skip it as bedtime reading for the kids.

2. The Radiation Recipe Book

I found this when I was writing another post about odd titles, and felt it shouldn’t be kept hidden under a fallout shelter so I brought it back to light. No, I’ve not made any of the recipes. They probably glow in the dark as an added bonus. (technically speaking, a recipe book isn’t literature, but tough banana cream pie with a little atom bomb on top)




3.Hippie Harlot

Besides degrading the fine reputation of the hippies, the girl on the cover looks as though her hippiedom is being practiced on an Indian Reservation.

4.Queerie, Queers with Hands, Wings and Claws

Another children’s classic.





5.I Hate You To Death

This was the answer to Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People.



6. Woman-Led

There’s actually nothing wrong with this cover, is there?





7. Excuse It Please

Uh, yeah. I own the book, but have been too afraid to open it–something about the position of the woman makes me see whips and chains.





8.The Little Boy Laughed                                                                                                                              

Ok, that jacket ought to keep you up tonight.




9. The Day of the Brown Horde

Thank goodness they only ruled for a day.


10. Out Without My Rubbers

If he’s dressed like the people on the cover, I doubt he would need his rubbers.