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After Life–Best 100 Mysteries of All Time

After Life—Rhian Ellis–2000-available “First I had to get the body into the boat. This was more than ten years ago, and I’ve forgotten some of what came before and after, but that night and the following day I remember in extravagant detail.” I was hooked immediately from those first lines. I read and read, and […]Read More

Romance Novel Disguised as Victorian Spiritualism

Because I have a fascination with people who fake talking to the dead, or actually believe they talk to the dead, I went to Lily Dale, and Camp Chesterfield, two hotbeds of spiritualism. The first was a lively, forgive the pun, place, the other seemingly dead and buried. I’ve sought books that have a theme […]Read More

Talking To The Dead

Bored with 24 hour news, politics, and Perry Mason re-runs, I tripped over the laughably named The Learning Channel, and fell into an episode of Long Island Medium. I had seen snippets of the show before, but hadn’t concentrated all that hard at what was transpiring. Apparently a woman who has a typical Longk I-link […]Read More