Improve Cash Flow: Sell Books at a Market or Antique

Retrorocket is primarily an online business selling second-hand books and collectables. The business plan contained the idea of a market stall to improve cash flow and in October I implemented this part of the plan. If you are setting up a market stall for the same reasons I am: to get some fresh air, network, […]Read More

Getting things done: Pareto’s Principle

I have a great interest in decluttering and first encountered this principle in a book on home organisation and later in an excellent 1970s management book Timetrap: how to get more done in less time by Alec R. Mackenzie (Timetrap is available second-hand from Retrorocket). Pareto’s Principle is also known as the 80/20 rule and […]Read More

B & M or Online, sometimes the choice is made

Retrorocket go! I started a small business in Perth, Western Australia in March 2010. A love of books and retro collectables inspired my decision and planning, hard work and luck has kept it going thus far. The main reason Retrorocket is online is because it was the only way that I could achieve my goal […]Read More