What's the Best Way to Package Books Sold on Amazon

If you own an online bookstore or just sell books occasionally on eBay or another auction site, you’ll need to ensure they are packaged safely and securely so they reach their destination without being damaged. There are several types of book packaging available and you should ensure that the type you choose is durable enough to protect the books from being bumped around in the post and water resistant to prevent any damage due to rain in transit.

There are various packing materials available from plastic bubble wrap and mailing sacks to cardboard packaging and envelopes. Whichever you choose, you should ensure that the book fits snugly into the packaging and will not move around in transit which may cause damage to the corners.

One of the best kinds of cardboard book mailers is called b-flute. This is a form of corrugated cardboard that is inexpensive to buy and available by the roll. It is very easy and cost effective to package a book with this material and it also forms a strong, stable package for the book which holds it in place and prevents it from being bent.

To package a book in this way you’ll need the cardboard packing material, packaging tape, a heavy duty stapler with staples and zip-loc bags. You’ll also require the use of strong scissors or a box cutting tool with which to cut the cardboard.

Start by sealing the book within the plastic zip-loc bag. This will protect the book from any water that may be absorbed by the cardboard, potentially causing damage to the book. If you’re sending a book internationally you may want to double bag it for extra security.

Wrap the cardboard around the book with the corrugations running lengthways. You should allow a few inches at either end of the book for space for stapling. Thick books may require a little extra space and very thin books should be wrapped in an additional layer of cardboard first. After wrapping the cardboard and ensuring it is tight, secure the edge with packing tape. After taping, stable down both edges of the packaging so you end up with a sturdy secure package.

The address on the package will be easier to read if you print it onto an adhesive label or a taped down piece of paper, rather than writing directly on the cardboard book packaging. It is also a good idea to cover the address label with clear tape to protect it from water damage.