Edition Information

Is this a first edition? How often do you hear that and can you give a valid answer? We will try to build a nice resource for you here though it may take some time. Any contributions are most welcome!

Information on Publishers

Penguin Classics An ordered (by number) list of all of the older Penguin Titles
A list and some information on American Publishers
Emanuel Haldeman-Julius Pocket Series and Little Blue Books

First Editions

A general mix of First Edition Information from Mansion Books

Children’s Books

Children’s Picturebook Collecting by Linda and Stan Zielinski

All about Trixie-Belden from www.Bookfever.com

Laura Ingalls Wilder from Purple House Press

Nancy Drew original series title list/Date/real author

Tom Swift – original series

By Author


Carson, Rachel

The Sea Around Us

Cussler, Clive

Cusslermen – Fan Site

Pynchon, Thomas

Gravity’s Rainbow

Stocker, Bram

Dracula, 1897 (click on Section I. English-Language Publications)

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