Book Review: Eternal Kiss of Darkness by Jeaniene Frost

I have long been a Jeaniene Frost follower. I have read everything she has ever written. Jeaniene is known for her Night Huntress series, but this book comes from a spin off series called Night Huntress World. It is the second in the saga. Once again, not only has Ms. Frost wowed us with drama and suspense, but also has made characters we already liked incredibly dear to our hearts.

Mencheres, who by his own admission, is “older than dirt”, has long been in both series. In the earlier books, we find him to be an intimidating power who is tormented by his past. He is not a cruel ruler by any means, but is awe-inspiring just the same. As he progresses through the stories we discover he is not only protective of those he considers his “own”, but honorable as well. Here in his very own story we watch him turn from a tortured soul who has suicidal desires to a passionate man desperate for all life has to offer. As always, Jeaniene has created an unbelievable scenario in which a man who feels death so immanently has found his destiny in the woman who saves his life. Kira, who has a tortured past of her own, is not only a believable character but will become a beloved favorite in the eyes of Frost followers everywhere. She is strong, brave, intelligent and crafty, and in so many ways similar to the strengths written into Frost’s most beloved heroine of all time, Cat.

Cat, Bones and Vlad from the past novels all rally against evil forces to help Mencheres in this installment. This one is full of awesome power, renegade violence, fierce loyalties, endearing friendships, terrifying dark rituals and amongst it all undying love and passion. Out of all the books I have read from Ms. Frost, this one is the one I am holding dear to my heart. I have always thought nothing could beat the amazing hero of most of her stories, Bones, but this heart warming tale of love in the face of death has won me over.

The plot and characters in Eternal Kiss of Darkness are both rich with emotion and realism. They develop so well and flow so easily that at some points you forget you are reading a book. I found myself entranced at the world she has created, even gasping audibly at one part. I found my chest tightening and my mouth going dry. It has been a long time since I was so captivated by a book that I became lost in it. I am anxiously awaiting the next in the series. Thank you Jeaniene for the read of my life!

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