bruce.jpgThe Bookshop Blog was created in July 2007 by Bruce K. Hollingdrake, former owner of Zeeba Books, once a Brick and Mortar bookshop in Montreal.

The website started when I was still running Zeeba Books and my intent at the time was to share some of the things I had learned with those considering a stroll down the same path. As my life has evolved, so has the site. The voice of the site has shifted from my own to that of our group of Authors. A few new writers will be joining her in the weeks to come while I focus on the business side of the site. The overall discussions have also shifted. From a primary focus on helping book dealers we have now evolved to cover most book selling, publishing and writing topics. I hope you enjoy the new look and encourage you to add your voice via our comment section found below each post.

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Thanks for coming by.