We are building a list of Book Dealers, organized by Specialty

We are building a list of book dealers organized by specialty with links to their inventory or contact info if none is available online. If you’d like to be added simply send us your Bookshop Name, your specialty (a maximum of 2 please) and links to your stock. [CONTACT-FORM]

3 thoughts on “We are building a list of Book Dealers, organized by Specialty”

  1. That is a great idea, Bruce.
    I frequently bookmark sites that have specialties similar to mine: history, sociology, biography. They come handy when trying to locate a book on a specific subject.

  2. Dear sir/madam

    the family has been in this trade for 102 years
    we based in Mysore and Bangalore India

    Our Forefathers started by selling magazine and books under the name of J.Nanumal and Sons in Mysore India year 1905

    5 decades later we started a printing press in Bangalore under the name of Mohan Press.

    Then we realized that it was not our kind of business and went back selling books but now it was called Bangalore Book Bureau On Majestic road it was a 10,000 sqft area.

    We were doing amazing from 1969 to 1983 we opened a branch on m.g road Bangalore which 12,000 sqft .. But when our 13 floor building fell like a pack of cards our of the family members died in the crash.

    It took lot of strength to keep it going.. for 10 years we were in turmoil. the family worked hard from our second branch which was only source of income. we changed the name to Gangarams Book Bureau.

    2 1/2 decades after the crash thats august 2007 we inaugurated our Axis Books

    This our little introduction

    Vinay C.Kalro

    Ref sites
    Nanumal J And Sons http://www.webindia123.com/city/karnata/mysore/list_all.asp?action=Shopping-+Book+Shops&cat=Shopping&dcat=Book+Shops

    Bangalore Book Bureau

    Gangarams Book Bureau

    Axis Books

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