Want to join a blog on the fine art of bookselling?

Here’s what we want to offer.
A permanent spot on our front page under a list of a few ‘Contributing Writers’ with a link to your own blog or website. Also within each post another link back to your web presence. We will be aggressively marketing this blog and will strive to create substantial readership thus giving you some good exposure and traffic.
What we would like to have is a nice posting (usually 300 – 500 hundred words but can be a very effective 2 lines or a serious article of a few pages) on bookselling. Content may be on a useful tool, an anecdote from your own shop, bookselling/publishing news or simply an opinion piece.
Let us know if this interests you. editor@bookshopblog.com

10 thoughts on “Want to join a blog on the fine art of bookselling?”

  1. I could perhaps contribute amusing stories of gross stupidity… other than that my writing talents are sorely limited by time and inspiration!

    Guy would be a welcome addition to the editorial team though.



  2. David I’d love to have anything you’d like to offer. If we can smile and share in your adventures, that’d be great – but some clarity please. You know you’re hard to follow sometimes. And Guy has given me a go-ahead to use his WBM postings here (all but for State secrets of course)

  3. Bruce, yes, I do know that sometimes I ramble a touch – someone once explained it to me and how to combat it but… I forget!

    Anything that I should post here would be more considered and edited of course than some of the other posts I might make elsewhere.

    I’ll put my hand up for an occasional post on the vagaries of life, bookselling and running your own little Post Office – all are interconnected of course.

    By the way, great little blog – more power to your pen, Sir.



  4. Yes I would like to contribute. I enjoy writing. I worry about my capacity as a bookseller in terms of contributing very useful articles.. I have an interesting bookstore that provides all sorts of unusual experiences. I would like to see this blog grow. I just realized that a favorite poster got socked in te eye for God knows what transgression and I want to start hanging my at elsewhere. I do not like the tone used towards this person.
    I have to be frank and explain that I do not know how to use a blog format. Te forum form is easier for me. Any suggestions?

  5. I run a bricks and mortar store and an on-line site and also have a blog… I carry an out of print stock with emphasis on collectors, academics, and researchers.

    I generally avoid hard cover fiction unless it’s “significant”. Ditto MMPBs. Currently have a large amount of Western Americana, Lit Crit, Science and Nature, Biography, Social Issues, Business, Military History, Judaica, US Civil War, and British/UK History.

    I’m am always looking for the Old, Odd and Out of Print Titles…

  6. I’d love to join this community of booksellers — it’s part of what I do already! I’m happy to write about bookselling in New York City, my own evolving plans to open a bookstore in Brooklyn, or my experiences with the American Booksellers Association, the Emerging Leaders Project, and other bookselling organizations. Or book reviews, or book news, of course. Let me know how I can be involved.

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