Touchy Feely Books

No, I don’t mean self help titles or sob stories, but how a book feels in your hands while reading it.

ABE books again came up with an interesting topic, tactile reading.I know I send links to ABE a lot, but they have fantastic collections and ideas that are unusal in the book world.

So, since they asked customers which book feels great while reading, I’ll ask you all the same.

What book gives you the total reading experience? Newer, older, paperback, hardcover? Or is it because of the content it feels great?

I have sooooo many choices it’s scary. There’s nothing more calming and satisfying for me than opening an old musty hardcover, sniffing that unique odor only aged paper has, and running my hands down the boards of the book. Some classic mysteries have elaborate boards with gilt and grooves that are delightful to touch. However, old children’s books beat out the mysteries, and in particular, Old Mother Goose, illustrated by Anne Anderson. It is by far my most favorite book to hold and cherish. Her art work never pales, the fragrance of pages printed in the 20s waft along with the rhymes, and it’s large size requires a comfortable position in which to peruse the wonders within.

Now that I’ve waxed poetic about my fav book, here’s ABE customer picks, and tell us yours!

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