When The Need To Read Dissipates

The gradual or sudden lack of desire to pick up a book and read occurs frequently to me. There’s no discernible reason for it. One day I’m finishing an exciting thriller, the next I can’t find the interest to open my favorite author’s latest book. No specific time of the year, week, or day indicates a … Read more

Biblios–The Continuing Saga–No. 4

Biblios = Books about Books Part 1: Books about Books–Better Known as Biblios Part 2  Biblios Focusing on Booksellers/Collectors Part 3  Bibilos Focusing on Writers Part 4  Biblios Focusing on Writers Part 5  Biblios Focusing on Publishing I’m amazed at how many mystery books are about writing, authors, publishing, letters, rare manuscripts, diaries, collecting, rare … Read more

The Innocent Mrs. Duff–Best 100 Mysteries of All Time

The Innocent Mrs. Duff —   Elizabeth Sanxay Holding-1946-used I read Number 100, only recently. And had to jam it into the list, somewhere. Maybe it belongs a lower number, I don’t know and won’t try to figure it out, my mind has lost its ability to discern between good great and greatest, to coin a … Read more

The Edgar Awards-What Are They-Who Won Last Night?

First I’ll list the main winners, as many just want to cut to the chase, as it were. Best Novel–Steve Hamilton–The Lock Artist Best First Novel–Bruce De Silva–Rogue Island Best Original Paperback–Robert Goddard–Long Time Coming Grand Master–Sara Paretsky-For her lifetime of work in the crime fiction field So, what are the Edgars? Edgar is short … Read more