Marketing Your Self-Published Book

More and more writers are self-publishing these days but as great as that sounds, it does bring up the problem of not having the same level of marketing help that you’d have if you were being published by a big name. However, there are several ways that you can easily and inexpensively market your self-published book and be incredibly successful.

Jeremy Hess wrote a great post that addressed ways to kick off your book launch  so I’d like to add to that by emphasizing the unique ways that you can use promotional products to help get the word out with 5 easy items.
1. Everyone Loves A Good Quote
You know how many people are getting tattoos with quotes on them? Instead of getting branded items with your book’s title, get something with a quote from your book on it, like pens customized with a favorite quote. Get a ton of them and hand them out to absolutely everyone. If you’re writing a check for groceries, leave a pen with the cashier. Give one to your bank teller. Give a handful to your neighbor to take to his office. 
2. Carry On
Everyone loves a tote bag. Have some customized with your book’s cover so that they’re colorful and attract attention, and if you’re shipping the books out yourself, send the tote bags out with them as an extra thank you for buying. Tote bags have extremely long lives so the more they get passed around, the more people see your book cover.
3. Get Out And Enjoy The Sunshine
Nothing beats a day spent lounging about on a picnic blanket in the park, reading a great book. Get some custom frisbees printed with your book’s title or your website, and go sling them out at the local park. Take them to the local English department at a nearby university, or bring them to a book club meeting.
4. Cover It Up
T-shirts are a standard marketing item so add to their popularity by doing something unexpected like having an anagram of your book’s title printed on it, or using a stylized version of the book’s cover. Grab some in small sizes too as kids love cool tshirts. Get some really big ones, shred them in strategic places, and take them to a local club pool so people can use them as coverups. (While you’re at the pool, don’t forget to drop off a complimentary copy of your book of course.)
5. Keep It Digital
promotional-Usb-Flash-DriveUSB flash drives that you’ve preloaded with the first chapter of your book are a fantastic teaser. Useful AND smart.
The bottom line is that like it or not, selling a book requires marketing, unless you’re already a household name. If you’ve self-published then you are probably already quite well-versed in all things digital but still, you can easily amp up the promos with just a few of these ideas.