Increase blog traffic – book wonders – a very cool boy

A quick roundup…

For bloggers: Blogrush has stepped things up. They have added many new categories including..books! If you are looking for ways to generate some more traffic to your blog this is a pretty nice tool (it’s the widget down below left). More info on how they work can be found here.

For book lovers: One of my Favourite sites relating to books is Book Ride. He picks a great book then gives you tons of background info on it. Once you read a few articles you’ll be hooked.

For parents: I get a fairly constant stream of email stories, pictures, chain letters etc. Of course 99% of it is junk but once in a while something really moving or funny comes my way. This story, about golfing phenom Kyle Lograsso, is a must if you have young children (especially if you love golf).

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