Four of the Top Autobiographies

People have always been fascinated by the lifestyles of the rich, famous and influential. Top autobiographies carry a large demand, and the reasons for the success of these books are pretty easy to grasp. With money and fame comes the luxury of being able to lead an interesting and inspiring life. Top autobiographies feature the adventures and struggles of people like President Bill Clinton, Sidney Poiter, Eric Clapton and Hunter S. Thompson, to name a few.

President Clinton one of the top autobiographiesThe Autobiography of President Clinton, entitled “My Life”, was released in June 2004. The book covers the entirety of Clinton’s life, all the way from his young schooldays in Hope, Arkansas to his resignation from office. For some time, the advance he received from the book was the highest in history at $15 million dollars. The book took the former president more than two years to write, and sold more than 2 and one-quarter million copies. It will always be viewed as one of the top autobiographies if only for its staggering advance.

Sidney Poitier’s Autobiography, titled The Measures of a Man provides a firsthand account into the life of one the most influential African-Americans that ever lived. Sidney Poitier was the first African American actor to receive an academy award. The award was given to him for his role in the 1963 film, “Lilies of the Field.” The book helps fans to understand the man’s struggles and triumphs better, as well as offers first-person perspective into how the man managed to overcome adversity and pave a path for other African-Americans to walk down.

Eric Clapton’s autobiography, which he simply named “Clapton,” is the only book actually written by the rock legend himself. In the book, Clapton shares some of his most intimate secrets and viewpoints, perhaps the most significant being his forbidden love affair with Patty Boyd, the wife of Beatles member George Harrison. As the sole memoirs of one of the most haunted people to have ever lived, “Clapton” is sure to keep its readers anxiously awaiting every page, and then wondering where the time went.

young Hunter Thompson, another one of the top autobiographiesWhile many of the Gonzo Journalist’s books provide insight into the life of Hunter S. Thompson, perhaps the only one that could truly be considered an autobiography is “The Proud Highway.” One of America’s most successful and revered journalists, Dr. Hunter Stockton Thompson ruled the world of unconventional journalism for nearly forty years. During this time, Thompson wrote for an array of well-known magazines including, Playboy, Rolling Stone and the National Observer. Thompson was probably better known for his books, particularly “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and “Hell’s Angels.” Hunter Thompson had a tendency to hang on to every letter he ever received, many of which made their way into “The Proud Highway.” The book offers readers a truly breathtaking account of the notorious journalist’s rise to the top.

Since the top autobiographies cover such an astonishing assortment of people, and are actually written by the men and women themselves, people cannot seem to get enough. Reading an autobiography helps people to understand the spirit, motivation and personal demons of their favorite heroes and idols. Regardless of what subject a person is interested in, there is an autobiography that is sure to fit.