Middle-Grade Books: The Rise of the Page Count

As a child of the incredible ’90s and aughts (yes, that does make me a millennial), I have seen various things come and go—CDs to digital music, physical books to e-readers, and all that in between. The length of middle-grade books has also seen a significant change throughout the years. First, let us discuss what … Read more

Last Night at the Telegraph Club: A Young Adult Triumph

I’m easily influenced. This is why BookTok, in all of its influential glory, has reigned over my TBR nearly since the day I downloaded the app. Sure, there have been times when the BookTok community has led me astray, but, sometimes, there are winners. Last Night at the Telegraph Club by Malinda Lo was one … Read more

Where the Crawdads Sing & Other Books to Read if You Love Nature    

Writing covers a vast expanse of topics, seemingly anything and everything one can think of. One of the most fascinating of these topics is a genre that really hits home – writing about nature. It is easy to look outside and find the beauty in mountainous terrain, canyons shaped over millennia, or the starry sky … Read more

Finding Joy with Your Inner Child!

As adults, we tend to have busy and overwhelming lives; wake up for work, go to work, maybe have a sandwich, go back to work, go home, have dinner while doing some catch-up work, and go to sleep. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Joy can sometimes get lost in the churning waves of our middle-aged panic attacks, … Read more

16 New Releases Out in June to Add to Your Summer Reading List

June is one of the best months for new releases. June marks the beginning of summer and summer brings summer reading. Readers who didn’t before now have the time to spend hours outside reading some of the new summer releases. And don’t forget, June is also Pride Month. So there are plenty of LGBTQIA books … Read more

15 Must-Read Asian and Pacific Islander Books to Read in 2022

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, or AAPI month, for short. If you want to celebrate AAPI month, reading a book from an Asian or Pacific Islander author is a great way to participate, especially if the book features Asian and Pacific Islander characters. Making an effort to read from AAPI authors … Read more

Love Defies Time: Portrait of Jennie & Somewhere in Time

Ah, eternal love. In the end, what you believe becomes your world. (Portrait of Jennie and Somewhere in Time) Does your heart soar when you discover romantic fantasy stories that transcend the boundaries of time?  Mine does if they meet the mysterious, fantastical, vaguely plausible criteria that I require in a well-told tale of love with … Read more