Misleading Book Titles: Should We Still Read Them?

Have you ever read a book with a title that has nothing in common with the content? What makes matters worse is if you’re writing a book, come up with a brilliant title, research it, and find out the title is not only taken, but it’s taken by a book that has nothing to do … Read more

Could You Be Missing Out On Books With Grammatical Errors?   

When grammatical errors and spelling mistakes are present in books, it’s an embarrassing reminder that we’re all human. Even some of the best writers, often viewed as perfectionists, got confused by the infamous “they’re,” “there,” and “their.” Seeing “its” in the place where “it’s” would effortlessly send a bibliophile into a mental overload. In the … Read more

Greeting Cards Should Be a Place for Short Stories

Greeting cards are tangible, timeless, and show appreciation. Regardless if the greeting cards arrive early or late (for Christmas, New Year’s Day, St. Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or any other day), they’re an illustrated message that express all of the human emotions, such as serious or humorous affection, goodwill, gratitude, sympathy, or other sentiments. In … Read more

Should All Comic Book Creators Be Knowledgable About Superheroes?

If anyone asks you, “What do you do for a living,” and you tell them you’re a comic book creator, they expect you to be knowledgeable about superheroes. All comic books do not consist of superheroes, and comic books (like The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck in 1837 and The Funnies in 1929) pre-date superheroes. In … Read more

5 Hilarious Books That Should Keep an Introvert Company

What are some hilarious books that should keep an introverted person company? As an introvert, how often have you picked up a book, then burst out with uncontrollable laughter? In bookstores, a majority of us do not expect to laugh from an oversized book whether it was from characters having a stimulating conversation full of … Read more

5 Mind-Boggling Books to Read This Month

Could it be that the author is a genius or guilty of writing painstaking nonsense? James Joyce’s novel, Finnegans Wake (1939) lacks a clear plot and is full of idiosyncratic language. When the topic of the most confusing books of all time comes up, Joyce’s novel, Ulysses, deserves to be mentioned, which was written in … Read more

5 Books With a Made-Up Language You Should Collect

When was the last time you struggled desperately to understand what the larger-than-life characters in a book were talking about? You can pull out your handy-dandy dictionary, use the self-indulging Google search engine, or ask a promising friend only to still be uncertain. It could be that the characters you faithfully read about have their … Read more

7 Books About Nonconformity That You Should Read Right Now

Whether it is our neurotic behavior, tendency to obsess, or impulsiveness, we can be attracted to rule-breakers or simply nonconformists. To my knowledge, a person does not have to have a rebellious lifestyle to gain the interest of others but can have an individuality that they are willing to defend against social norms. When finding … Read more