A personal note to ring in the new year.

It’s been quite a year for my wife and me. By far the biggest day was March 17th when our first child was born. His name is Kasm and as any proud father would, I’m showing him off. He’s been a real joy.

Our blog (this one) was born in mid July and thanks to our group of crack writers, our loyal readers and forum contributors, it has become a success. In only our 5th full month we’ve reached a level of 3000 visitors/month! We hope to keep providing you with all the best book selling info we can scrape together.

As many of you know I spend my days running our own clicks and bricks bookshop in the Montreal area. I’m very pleased to say that we’ve had a great year, meeting many new customers/expansion of our little shop/selling more and better books/adding sidelines…

To wrap up I’d just like to say a big thanks to all of you. Running this blog has been a lot of fun and I look forward to ramping up our output in 2008 giving you even more of what the Bookshop Blog is all about – helping you be a better bookseller. Thanks for a wonderful 2007!

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  1. OMG, he’s so cute!! We just had a son in April of this last year, right now he’s an insane amount of fun. You’re blessed!

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