We are looking for one more writer


Are you a bookstore owner/employee that enjoys writing? We are looking for a person that manages or owns an independent bookshop to join our writing crew.

When the Bookshop Blog first got its legs we primarily wrote about the day to day running of a brick and mortar bookshop. Over the past year or so we have drifted away from that and have been writing more about literature and books in general. While I enjoy these topics and will continue to publish them we also want to get back to our roots and publish more stories on running a real shop.

We will be receiving applications for a few weeks then will select the most appropriate candidate. Ideally the person would be the owner or manager of a mid-sized shop (small is OK as well), possibly have experience selling books on Amazon as well. Of course the person should love writing and be willing to share work experiences, marketing tips, business experiences along with anecdotes from the shop – that sort of thing.

We would expect a column a week of at least 500 words (longer is fine), with a submission by each Sunday evening. We will pay for each submission.

If interested (or if you have any questions) please send an email to Bruce Hollingdrake at:  editor@bookshopblog.com


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