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Is There Such a Thing as Writer’s Block?

Because if there is, I’ve caught it. Not that I’m a writer, per se, not like published novelists, revered historians, hate-mongering extremists–oh wait, they aren’t ‘writers’ either. They just spew stuff out, it splats onto the computer screen, some greedy publisher knowing crazy sells puts it between cardboard, and voila! They’re labeled writers. It slays […]Read More

What Makes a Southern Writer Southern?

by Jas Faulkner The Southern US as it exists in the minds of anyone who lives elsewhere is a collection of tortured memories of required texts from high school, stereotypes that have been perpetuated by the media, and assumptions of regressive attitudes towards everything. ¬† ¬†Thinking, reading, writing southerners everywhere know that there is more […]Read More

Author Terry Pratchett Ponders Assisted Suicide

From Quill and Quire, this article caught my eye–I was slightly shocked by the headline, and even more so by the information I’d not known before, that there are countries that sanction assisted suicide. I don’t think there’s a possibility the United States will ever follow suit. Here, we don’t want to pull the plug, […]Read More

How to Write an Autobiography

There is perhaps no better way to record your life for posterity than through an autobiography. This celebrated form allows writers a great deal of flexibility with which to tell their story, which can be both artistically freeing and a little intimidating for those who are just starting out. Before you can put your pen […]Read More