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Pinning Books

I suppose this is a good tool for online sellers. After all, even the bookshopblog has a spot where you can ‘pin’ what you see. ABE sent another one of their cool little articles, and I thought I’d be seeing a nice ditty on holiday books, the why, wherefores, etc. No- after I clicked-a Pinterest […]Read More

Should I Buy a Book Today?

“Pick Me Up! Take Me Home!” I’m a book, and I’m for sale at a reasonable price, hoping to find a home, but all I can do is wait. Whether I’m lying on a table or sitting on a shelf or am propped up in a spinner rack, until someone opens my pages I have […]Read More

Heaven is a Sublime Used Bookshop

I visited one of my favorite spots today. And in the future  will be interviewing the owners and writing up a profile of this wonderful bookshop, but for now, I wanted to share the delicious experience of meandering, chatting, discovering and luxuriating in the midst of books books books. Located on the main street  historical […]Read More

The bookshop was like a vessel that carried me down

...back to my youth when I began to realise that reading was not just something you did to gain knowledge, it was a profound devotional act, a reaching to the mystical beyond. As a teenager, gazing into my local bookshop on cold windswept winter evenings became a sacred act. It gave me a rarefied feeling that I was standing on the threshold of revelation.Read More