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Old Theme Parties–Part 2–The Weirder Ideas

Continuing theme parties—For those who go down the shore and give parties–I know plenty of you must, ha, the Abington Party Book by Ethel Owen has a gala set up for you.  The beginning of the invitation suggested goes like this: In the days of our childhood gone by For the sea and sand we […]Read More

Romance Novel Disguised as Victorian Spiritualism

Because I have a fascination with people who fake talking to the dead, or actually believe they talk to the dead, I went to Lily Dale, and Camp Chesterfield, two hotbeds of spiritualism. The first was a lively, forgive the pun, place, the other seemingly dead and buried. I’ve sought books that have a theme […]Read More

Old Is New Again Party Themes and Ideas

Parties with a central theme have been making a comeback, assuming they ever went away. I don’t remember birthday parties as a child having a big bash mentality of a particular Disney character, or  something like Sponge Bob Squarepants paper plates, streamers and prizes. I, myself, had very few parties. My upper crusty pals did […]Read More

The Parachute Murder

The Parachute Murder–Lebbeus Mitchell 1933 I know, you’re thinking, oh that Lebbeus Mitchell! The one who wrote a single mystery and then either stopped writing, or readers politely declined buying the book. I was bummed to learn that no where on the internet was an image of the dust jacket that once covered the boards. […]Read More

Phoenix Books Rise Again

One of the publishers from crime fiction’s past, was a little name that tried to become a bigger power among heavy hitters. Not necessarily known for their quality, they did try hard. They signed up some known authors whose contracts perhaps expired with other publishers, and some names never heard of before or since. Collectors […]Read More

Death At Willow Grove Amusement Park, Philly PA

The title-The Disappearance of Mary Young doesn’t make sense to me. Mary Young doesn’t disappear. She’s murdered. And she’s murdered in public. In a dark ride at an amusement park outside of Philly PA. Which I know for a fact is based on a real park called Willow Grove. My dad used to take the […]Read More

Murphy’s Loft Bookshop

Murphy’s Loft, Mullica Hill NJ. This was my third experience in this laid back book and ephemera store. I visited years ago, and then a few months back, right after the original owner retired, and her son (grandson?) took the reins. Unfortunately, his mother decided to rid herself of half the inventory, so he let it […]Read More

2 Unusual Subjects

I finished two crime novels around the same time. I historically never read more than one title at at time. I thought I needed complete concentration on one–or I thought I’d be cheating on the book if I read a another as well. With age, and less time, I find myself  reading at least 2 […]Read More