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My Twitter Strategy

A guest post by Jean Shorney When my son suggested that as a writer I should get myself ‘out there’ via the medium of Twitter, all I visualised was people either photographing partially eaten meals, or entertaining us with averaging innumerable cups of coffee per day. Twitter can be a vehicle for promotion, but it […]Read More

An Incomprehensible Book Made Even Worse

I know I’m probably in the minority, but Ulysses is like one long long long run on sentence to me. What was James Joyce on, anyway, while writing this? I also understand that many think this book the best ever written, and I say, nuts to you, lol. No, I think that everyone has their […]Read More

Are you 'Out There' – Do You Throw Your Boomerang?

One of the biggest problems of working by yourself from home is always being your own impetus. I’ve really been struggling with this and you might have noticed a lack of articles here due to that. This morning I put on some music and insisted I get motivated and get some actual work done as […]Read More

Book Collecting With Twitter

Twitter may prove indispensable for collecting new first edition signed books these days. An aspiring author can sacrifice hours hunched over their keyboard and they often take breaks to “microblog” on the popular social media website. Just as with regular blogs, they share everything from the consistency of their gnocchi to what they just said […]Read More

Where do you get your Book News ?

A customer approached me this weekend with a laundry list of books. One title was On The Brink by Henry M. Paulson, Jr. — we were sold out and the books were on backorder. As we headed upstairs he asked how many copies we had sold. I told him we’d sold the initial buy of […]Read More

Getting Boots Into Your Bookshop

Online shops and physical bookshops share some challenges and one is called traffic, getting people to actually come in the door.  Physical shops do this by being in a good location and by advertising, online shops do this with SEO.  There are many different forms of SEO, there’s all the traditional forms of SEO which […]Read More