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No E-Book For Stephen King

I tried to purchase the latest Stephen King this weekend. At an honest to goodness real live indie bookstore in N. Jersey. They were out of stock. Out of stock!! After my mouth stopped its jaw dropping, the bookman explained he couldn’t keep it in the store,  that it’s an original paperback and not in […]Read More

Fantastic New York Times Editorial on amazon Trickery

Richard Russo interviewed several best selling authors about the recent amazon trickery, and the results were comforting, at least. The authors, including, Scott Turow, Stephen King, and Dennis Lehane all found amazon’s tactics less than a stellar business practice. However, the comments to the article were typical in the ‘oh you elitists’ and ‘poor amazon’ […]Read More

A Scary Encounter With Stephen King

I don’t read Stephen King. Not because I don’t think he’s an excellent writer. He is. Too too good of a writer. I am one of those people who loves fictional murder because there is a structure, foul play occurs; clues abound; are investigated; characters throw around red herrings; the detective investigates and the murderer […]Read More

Stephen King Books Chronological Order

* Updated January 2020 We recently made up a nice list of James Patterson books so that fans wouldn’t miss one (as there are so many). We’ve been getting a lot of visitors coming to that page, so there must be a need. I thought it would be nice if we did the same for […]Read More

What Are Some of the Best Stephen King Books?

Stephen King is perhaps one of the greatest writers of the horror genre. His unique writing style captivates audiences and this has resulted in a solid following of readers. For people who are unfamiliar, the following are some of the best Stephen King books. The Shining Stephen King often includes aspects of himself in his […]Read More

Horror: Beyond King & Koontz

Horror is dominated by two big Ks:  Stephen King and Dean Koontz.  When someone asks for horror, they’re probably going to get handed one of those two authors.  But beyond that, this is often where people’s knowledge drops off. If they’ve read those, then what?  There’s loads of one hit wonders that churned out one […]Read More