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Smooth Sailing on the big River or Selling books on

Smooth Sailing on the big River or Selling books on Amazon   I am often surprised hearing from other booksellers who sell on the Internet and do not sell on Amazon. Selling books on Amazon can be a daunting task, but my own experience shows that it can be worthwhile. I started selling books on […]Read More

Can you make money selling books online? (Part 1)

by Joe Waynick   There are a lot of misconceptions about the profitability of selling books on the Internet. First, it has be understood that selling books online is not a way to “get rich quick” Far from it. Internet bookselling requires just as much work and dedication as owning and operating a brick-and-mortar used […]Read More

How To Increase Bookstore Sales By Selling Online

By Joe Waynick In today’s economy, independent bookstores are finding it tough to turn a profit. It seems hardly a day goes by without an announcement about another brick and mortar operation going under. That doesn’t have to be your fate. And with a little planning, proper application of off-the-shelf technology, and a bit of […]Read More

The Glamorous Life of a Used Book Dealer

The Internet is My Ball and Chain Sometimes, just for a fleeting moment I hanker for the good old nine to five. Why? Because when you sell on line your work day is never over. My current routine is get up between 6 and 6.30 am, switch on the computer, check for bank deposits and […]Read More

I Want to Own A Bookstore

I want to own a bookstore.  Put more accurately: I want to own a bookstore and so does my girlfriend.  She’s currently in grad school so I have two years to prepare before we begin.  Right now my preparation is mostly in reading about how to set up a small business and to read about the experiences of […]Read More

The Ethics of Book Selling

I’ve been part of a discussion about the ethics of online selling recently. We’ve been following the antics of one seller on an online auction site and have been quite horrified by the outright lies they’ve been telling. It’s got me thinking about the ethics of this business and I can’t help wondering out loud […]Read More