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Should One Person Decide A Schoolbook Should Be Banned?

One woman’s quest to ban a book in a Middle York, PA elementary school library continues on, even though district officials and educators deemed it acceptable reading in March 2010. The book in question is Stolen Children by Peg Kehret. A quick synopsis: A 14 year old and the child she’s babysitting are kidnapped, held, and […]Read More

A Snippet of Book News–Nominee's for the Dilys Awards

Recently, the Independent Mystery Bookseller’s Association, or IMBA, announced the nominees for their annual award. The Dilys is named after Dilys Winn, the founder of the first crime fiction bookstore in the US–Murder Ink. There are zillions of awards out there but what makes this particularly interesting to booksellers is the award is given to […]Read More

The secret to education: reading for pleasure

Time recently published an article on incentive programs to help raise test scores in the US.  The entire idea was the controversial.  PAY kids for learning?  SACRILEDGE. Various programs were tested.  Did paying for grades work best? Good behavior? Test scores themselves? The most obviously effective program was the simplest.  Pay second grade kids $2 […]Read More

Summer Reading Lists 2009- It Could be Worse!

Summer, time to kick back, relax, read some total junk while lying around the pool…  Or at least that’s what most adults get to enjoy.  For high school students it often means a summer slogging through assigned reading and turning in a paper the week they return, or facing a quiz the first day of […]Read More

Have you read all these books?

Have you read all these books? I have several answers, including: – “I’m working on it.” or “Yup. Twice.” Another one: “Do you read much?” Me: “Four or five books a week.” “I wish I had the time to read that much.” Me: “It’s just a matter of priorities. I wish I had time to […]Read More

Books for the Boy that Does Not Read

Every bookseller has probably heard some variation on “my teenage son/nephew/grandson doesn’t read. I want to get him a book. What should I get him?” 99% of the time, this is blatantly not true. He does read… otherwise why get him a book at all? The real question is actually one of these two, and its important to determine which:Read More